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We help you find GREAT health care professionals.

We provide you (our client) with qualified executives, directors and professional front-line health care professionals that we have contacted and evaluated for the positions you are looking to fill. We provide only interested professionals that are available for your setting and location, those who have agreed to your salary range and are deemed a great professional "fit" for your organisation.

 Our goal is simple: Provide our clients with QUALITY professionals in a timely manner.

How We Work

At McKenzie Health Care Recruitment, we didn't earn our reputation for excellence by approaching recruitment like other firms. We pride ourselves on our model of relationship recruiting. Between our longstanding relationships in the health care industry, our vast and building database of high level executives and health care professionals, incredible referrals from satisfied candidates and clients, and our aggressive use of social media and job boards in each and every search our dedication to excellence is clear.

Your Hiring Success Starts Here

Through a working partnership with McKenzie Health Care Recruitment, you will have access to top Health Care industry talent.

McKenzie Health Care Recruitment receives job orders via email, text or phone, followed up by an in-person meeting or phone call to discuss and finalise all important and relevant details.

Recruiting Executive and C-Suite Health Care Professionals

Nursing, Physician, Operational, Financial C-suite Executives including:  Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer(CFO); Vice President (VP), Senior Operations Managers, Clinical Management , Directors (DOC / DON), Managers, Dentist, Physician, Accountants, Team Leaders, Coordinators (CCC / PCC / ADOC), Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Improvement (QI), Educators...

Front-Line Health Care (medical and non-medical) Personnel

Registered Nurses (RN), Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPN), Practical Nurses (RPN / LPN), Physiotherapists /Physical Therapists (PT)  , Occupational Therapists (OT), Speech Language Pathologists (SLP), Recreation Therapists (RT), Respiratory Therapists, Medical Radiation Technologists (MRT, X-ray, Mammography, BMD, CT, MRI, NMT), Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (General, Cardiac, Vascular), Pharmacist, Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT), Dentist, Nurse Practitioner (NP),Physician Assistant, Pharmaceutical Sales, Medical Device Sales,  Anaesthesiologist Assistant, Anaesthesia Technician, Art Therapist / Art Psychotherapist, Audiologist, Cardiovascular Technologist, Nurses Aide / Care Aide (RCA, PSW) Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Clinical Psychologist,Dietitian/Nutritionist, Environmental Health Officer (EHO), Lactation Consultant, Massage Therapist (RMT), Medical Interpreter, Medical Laboratory Technologist, Music Therapist, Neuro physiologist, Orthotist /Prosthetist, Paramedic, Podiatrist, Dental Hygienist, Public Health Epidemiologist, Rehabilitation Counsellor, Renal Dialysis Technologist, Social Worker, Speech Language Pathologist, Chef, IT, Accountant...

Front-line Support Staff (non-medical) Personnel

Receptionist / Clerical, Schedulers, Medical Office Assistants (MOA/NUC), Payroll, Accounting (AR/AP), Medical Coder, Transcription, General Labour, Grounds Keepers, Food Service Workers, Laundry Personnel .

Creating Excellent Hires

McKenzie Health Care Recruitment follow sits proven
​ 12 step process for successful placements.

Step 1:  Creating a Job Order

In creating the job order we want to know the important tangible details such as job description qualifications needed, professional responsibilities, what you offer with respects to salary, benefits, vacation, pensions etc. We also wants to know the intangibles such as how your company started, where you want to go, why do people enjoy working for your company, who do you feel will be a good fit for this role.  We want you to tell us about your community and why your location is a great place to work.

Step 2: Initiate Recruitment

Each new client company is assigned to a Recruitment Specialist who will manage the relationship and the specific searches, and present all timely status reports.  All new Job Orders are distributed inside McKenzie Health Care Recruitment for collective review. First, we check our Active Candidates List to see if any matches exist. Next, we search our extensive Candidate Database for possibilities.

Step 3: Perform Extensive Search

This step is very involved and goes outside McKenzie Health Care Recruitment to our network which includes all of the relationships developed in the market place since 1998.  Most candidates of McKenzie Health Care Recruitment are sourced by referral through our process of continuous networking.

Step 4: Interview and Assessment

Once we have identified a roster of candidates, we narrow down to a short list of those qualified and interested. These candidates are carefully interviewed and assessed for their qualifications, compatibility, and willingness to make a move. We then create a professional profile of the candidate asking key and pertinent questions to ensure an overall "fit" for the role.

Step 5: Present Best Candidates

As soon as each qualified candidate emerges, McKenzie Health Care Recruitment presents him or her to the client both verbally and in writing. We address compensation at this stage and throughout the process to ensure the likelihood that formal offers will be accepted.

Step 6: Manage Interviews

McKenzie Health Care Recruitment manages the interview process to establish interest, or not, quickly with each candidate. We schedule each interview, follow-up to debrief both parties, and assess if things are moving forward or not.

Step 7: Conduct Professional References

McKenzie Health Care Recruitment typically conducts a preliminary reference before initial presentation.Once serious interest is established, we will complete further in depth references on your behalf. 

Step 8: Pre-Offer Stage

While we work with our client's process, McKenzie Health Care Recruitment prefers to negotiate and settle all details before any offer is made. This includes base salary, bonuses, commissions, benefits, equity, and relocation.We are in a unique position to help both parties reach an agreement through honest and realistic negotiation. Our involvement ensures the best use of everyone's time.

Step 9: Formal Offer Stage

The candidate is presented the formal offer verbally and follows up with the written offer. Ideally, very little if any negotiation occurs at this stage because the offer has already pre-closed whenever possible.

Step 10: Acceptance Stage

McKenzieHealth Care Recruitment's candidate accepts. McKenzie Health Care Recruitment rarely sees an offer rejected - part of our strategy achieved by managing expectations.

Step 11: Transition Stage

A series of critical events occurs once the candidate accepts the offer until the start date. Usually the candidate must resign from a current job, serve out a notice period, deal with counter offers, and possibly relocate. McKenzie Health Care Recruitment is very engaged at this stage to provide and support to ensure a smooth transition

Step 12: Guarantee Period

Throughout the guarantee period and beyond, the McKenzie Health Care Recruitment team will be routinely checking in with you and the candidate to ensure a good fit.  We ensure everyone is happy and expectations are  met and sustained.